Full Catering Services

Our personalized services offer you the opportunity to relax the minute you walk into your vacation home or condo! Our professional chefs will prepare breakfast, lunch, hors d’oeuvres and dinner using the freshest ingredients available, all done to your taste and budget. Instead of waiting in line at the grocery store or for your restaurant check, you’ll be waiting for another spectacular sunset! Let’s face it, every minute counts when we’re talking about your vacation.


*Breakfast includes a variety of meats, eggs, fresh fruit displays, fresh pastries, coffee and juices. The food cost for breakfast is typically between $10-$15 per person.
JimmyTs Breakfast Catering


*Lunch includes 1 starter, cold salad, 1 protein, 2 sides and a light dessert. The food cost for breakfast is typically between $15-$25 per person.
JimmyTs Lunch Catering


*Dinner includes 2 starters, 1 salad, 2 proteins, 2 sides and dessert. The food cost for dinner is between $25-$35 per person.
JimmyTs Dinner Catering

Welcome Platters

*These platters are an excellent idea to have upon arrival to your vacation rental. We also highly recommend having one or two of your favorite platters in the refrigerator for a quick, and convenient lunch or to snack on throughout the day.
Catering Welcome Platter

Pre-cooked Dinner Platters

*Prepped, Cut and Marinated Platters – These are not cooked but are perfect for throwing on the BBQ!! Hassle free.
Pre-cooked Dinner Platters

Vacation Rental Pre-Stocking

*You are on vacation. Leave the grocery shopping to us! Simply make us a list of your favorite foods and we will do the shopping and stocking prior to your arrival. Or choose a starter package which includes all the essentials.
Vacation Rental Pre-Stocking

Standard Starter Package #1:

Accomodates 6 people: $75

  • 1 bag of local Coffee
  • ½ gallon Milk
  • Sugar
  • 12 bottles of water
  • 12 pack Coca Cola
  • 12 pack Diet Coke
  • 1 bag pretzels
  • 1 bag Lays Potato Chips
  • 6 bananas

Standard Starter Package #2

Accommodates 12 people: $150

  • 2 bags of local Coffee
  • 1 gallon of milk
  • Sugar
  • 24 bottles of water
  • 24 pack Coca Cola
  • 24 pack Diet Coke
  • 2 bags of pretzels
  • 2 bags of Lays Potato Chips
  • 12 bananas

Standard Starter Package #3

Accomodates 18 people: $200

  • 3 bags of local Coffee
  • 1.5 gallons of milk
  • Sugar
  • 36 bottles of water
  • 36 pack Coca Cola
  • 36 pack Diet Coke
  • 3 bags of pretzels
  • 3 bags of Lays Potato Chips
  • 18 bananas